Wedding christening

Wedding christening

Wedding, Baptism in the Heat of Summer

Whether you are looking forward to your best friend's wedding, or it's just another social obligation to the boss at work, we are here to help you choose the right and fully updated outfit and more! We are here to give you useful, practical tips on how to deal with the heat during the mystery.

Small tips on what to wear & how to deal with the heat.

  • Dress…

Dress the easy solution for an impressive total look. Regardless of the length that suits us, the maxi dresses are suitable for our formal appearances in the Summer as well. We make sure that the fabrics we choose are cool and we prefer the comfort and coolness, especially of the sleeveless ones.

Combination Blouse with pants or skirt . Practical solution and at the same time elegant, choose a top or blouse with lace and a monochrome comfortable pants made of cool fabric.

  • Makeup ...

Light and earthy. Say "no" to heavy make up to avoid the "mask that breaks" effect. Say "yes" to waterproof mascara.

  • Hairstyle…

Try to have your face open, free, without complicated creations and tufts that fall on parts of your face. Rest assured that if they exist they will make your life difficult and you will sweat more, so it is better to avoid them.

  • Bag…

Necessary accessories to have with you powder and a lipstick for a last minute retouch and of course the fan.

Below are our suggestions on Abigail dresses that you can wear not only at this wedding or christening but also at any other formal occasion. We are at your disposal to help you create an impressive Total look.

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