What to take with me on vacation

What to take with me on vacation

Fill your Holiday Suitcase! What to take with you!

Organizing and preparing will help you make the right choices and not take unnecessary things with you.

  • Make a list first of the clothes you plan to take with you. Avoid emptying your closet in a suitcase, you do not move, you go on vacation!
  • Choose basic pieces with which you will be able to make infinite combinations. We suggest you easy-to-wear jeans, shorts, comfortable pants, blouses, pareos, kaftans, airy dresses in maxi line, but also short sexy dresses as well as overalls.
  • With the above, make sets and plan what you will wear when and where e.g. 1 the day at the beach, 2 the day at night at the bars etc
  • Choose shoes that you can wear with more than one set, flip flops for the beach, sporty style for the afternoon and sandal or a platform for the evening.
  • Your daily care, of course, will continue during your vacation! So, make sure you have packages of creams in smaller bottles, so that they do not take up space! When it comes to your makeup, get a small handbag and fill it with basics!
  • Do not forget a small pharmacy with the essentials.
  • Finally, the way you put the above in your suitcase is important, do not make your life difficult, it wants a way and not trouble!

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