New Renovated TOPTENFASHION Store

New Renovated TOPTENFASHION Store

It is important to know where you are shopping from!

Infinite e-shops are mushrooming every day in the field of fashion and not only! without the right legislation and without controls the anarchic situation in cyberspace, makes us all wary.

Many times when finding opportunities on the internet I am sure that you are concerned and questions such as:

  • Are the products they sell authentic?
  • Do they actually have the code they display in stock?
  • Is there a store-based or is the headquarters a non-commodity home?
  • Will I receive the set I chose new in perfect condition or will they sell me something from 2 the hand?
  • If I ask them to help me with the styling for the clothes I chose will they know?
  • Will I receive it immediately or will it take days for them to obtain the code and send it to me?
  • Will I be served if I need a change?
  • Is trading with them safe?

We here at TOPTENFASHION have the answers to all the above questions.

Since 1982, based in a wonderful comfortable store at 99 Lavriou Ave. A , we are constantly investing in personal relationships with our customers. We are not an impersonal eshop, we know well the field of fashion, our experience but also the continuous education, has made us experts in what we sell. We help our customers in choosing clothes, applying the service "TotalLookStyling" both in casual and formal appearances. The service is also offered through the telephone service of the eshop.

We just renovated our physical store! Here in Lef. Lavriou 99 A you can enjoy your shopping in a comfortable and modern place. But also for you who live outside Athens through you can watch the new arrivals and by phone enjoy the service "Total Look Styling" at 2106645531.

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