Evening Dress Code

Evening Dress Code

Do you have a Wedding or Baptism this Summer?

We Have Wonderful Suggestions for Impressive Appearances!

Now towards the end of spring and especially summer is the season of weddings and baptisms. Once you receive the invitation, a question arises: "What will I wear to a wedding or christening"?

Let's start with some rules for that day:

In a wedding, we let the bride catch the eye with her wedding dress, so we avoid colors and fabrics that look like her wedding dress.

We also prefer long dresses, skirts, pants made of good fabric and not super mini and revealing outfits.

From accessories necessary a small bag where we will have put the cell phone, money, keys, lipstick and powder for a last minute refreshment.

The shoe is what also plays an important role in the total look

Finally, combine the clothes with the appropriate hairstyle for a wedding or christening guest and create an impressive look that will catch the eye.

It is important that the set you choose can be worn in other not so formal but cocktail occasions.

Totoptenfashion.gr has chosen impressive sets from branded brands for a dazzling total look! See our Suggestions.

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