Floral: The Top Trend for Spring 2022!

Floral: The Top Trend for Spring 2022!

Spring means flowers and like every year such a season so & this year all the designers are inspired & take care to transfer the freshness, the colors and even the aromas of nature to the fabrics of their collection.

Flowers are probably the only print that can really lift your mood, and even on rainy spring days, wearing your favorite floral dress with white sneakers and your jean jacket on top, you feel wonderful!

Unlike previous seasons, this year the floral designs become more intense colors and more vivid, leaving the dark shades for a while aside.

Florals prevail everywhere this year! Whatever your style! From girly to rock but also for any occasion from the morning in the office through wonderful suits and shirts to the evening outings with impressive maxi dresses.

But there are rules in the very print

  • If you choose florals for the morning, it is better to combine them with monochrome pieces. But when it comes to special appearances you can combine them with another bold print.
  • Choose the totallook logic with the same printfloral. It could be a suit, it could be a pair of pants with a top or a blouse.
  • Avoid lots of jewelry as well as lots of accessories such as scarves, for example.
  • Depending on your body type, select the appropriate flower size in print.

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