Common Questions

We try to offer the best possible service. If you do find the information needed in our website, then please contact us via our Contact Form for any subject or querry you might have.

Who we are, what is our relationship with clothing and why to prefer us for your purchase?

We have a successful clothing store since 1982. In 2009 the younger generation modernized the business by following the spirit of new global developments, created this online shop. After 36 years of experience, be assured that we will serve you 100%. Trust is an essential element built all these years as part of a long-term relationship between customer & our shop, and we respect this. Learn more about us and our products by clicking on Who we are.

How to find quicker what i am looking for?

On the top part of the site, there is search field. If you are looking for a dress, then type into it the word ‘dress’ and click the magnifying glass icon. Its also better to type only the first 3 letters ie ‘dre’ for more results’.

How to find the right size & fit for you

Each clothing brand may have some difference in fitting. If you are not sure about which size is best for you, then please consul the Men's Size Chart or the Women's Size Chart. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us so that we inform you precisely for the most suitable size and of the product your are interested. We have a very very long experience and we will therefore guide you properly so that you will remain satisfied with the clothes you will select. If you have made an order in the past and you wish to see the size you ordered, then please click on Login , enter email and password and then click on Order history and details, then click on any order No so that you see the order details, product, brand and size.


We supply only 100% genuine products of popular designer clothes (like Replay, Nautica, O’Neill, S. Oliver, BSB, Lavand, Kookai, Lacoste) that we purchase directly from the official brand agencies in Greece. For more information please click Quality-Guarantee.

Ordering Methods

You can order directly from our online shop anytime and day. For more analytic step by step ordering procedure, on how to select clothes-sizes-delivery-payment, please click on Ordering Methods.

How will I be informed about my order status?

As soon as you confirm your order by clicking the button ‘Order Confirmation’, within hours your order will be posted. You will in between be informed (automatically) to your e-mail that you entered during your order, with all details of your order (products total cost, sizes, and the total value of your order).

Payment Methods

You can pay with Paypal, with Credit Card through Paypal, deposit in our bank (bank transfer), web banking. For more information, please click on Payment Methods.

What is the shipping cost and delivery time for my order?

All our products are available in our shop and are immediately posted with reliable services and are delivered in 3-4 days with registered national post in all European counties. For more shipping & delivery information please click on Shipping Methods.

Product Returns

If the product size you selected is not suitable or if you don’t like the clothes you received, then you can return your ordered products to us by post. For more information, please click on Shipping Methods.

Can I cancel my order or replace products or sizes?

Of course we can, if your order has not been already posted. Please let us know asap by email which order number or product codes/sizes you wish to cancel/replace. If your orer has already been posted, then we will let you know by email.

Can I cancel my order or replace products or sizes?

Of course we can, if your order has not been already posted. Please let us know asap by email which order number or product codes/sizes you wish to cancel/replace. If your orer has already been posted, then we will let you know by email.

How can I receive information for new clothing additions, offers, vouchers?

There are 2 ways: First method is subscribe to our newsletter (bottom right corner) and the second way is to become a Member by clicking on Register, entering your information and enabling the ‘Receive Newsletter’ option. Second method is to go to the bottom right of our site (Newsletter indication) in which you type your email in the white field and then left of it click on the tick symbol so that you get subscribed. If you wish to unsubscribe anytime in the future, then inform us by email and we will confirm your request.

What are vouchers?

Occasionally we sent to our registered members and newsletter subscribers, vouchers codes that can be entered in ‘VOUCHERS’ field in the order page and then clicking ‘OK’. In this way you win free transport or price reduction for your order or a specific product (depends on the specific voucher each time) and have a specific validity time. The coupons can be used only for purchased within our site, are not refundable or returned. If for some reason you have difficulties in using a vouchers, then please let us know to assist you.

Is VAT included in the product price?

Absolutely. Prices indicated on all our products are the final price including VAT. Customer pays the final amount displayed on the Order Confirmation page (There will never be under any circumstances any additional charges other the total cost of the Confirmation Page/email you will receive).

In what ways can I contact you?

You can contact us with the following methods:
- By the Online chat tool on bottom right (availability depends on country).
- With the Contact Form.
- the product page may contain a link below product picture (product question) that you can click so that you sent a question related to that specific product.
We like assisting our customers – please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question.

Why should I register/purchase as a fully registered Member/customer?

- It’s simple and fast procedure
- You will be able to see anytime the history of your orders (clothes, sizes, colors, dates and No of order)
- We will be able to support you much faster.
- You will be able to make faster any future order
- You will be able to control easier if you wish to receive information for new products and offers
- You will be able to check all stages of your order status (we also sent email notification).
- You will be able to change anytime your contact details (name, delivery address, email, password)

You personal details and telephone that you will register will be used only for your order and delivery procedure. They will not given under any circumstances to third parties. They will be used to inform you for new products/offers/vouchers, only if you enable the newsletter option with your registration.

How can I register as member?

Click on Register and in new page, in left table (Create an account) type your email and click ‘Create an account’. On the next page, type your name and enter a password to use for our site. Complete remaining fields and click on ‘Save’. In you account page you can change all your personal details anytime (address, email, password etc). The details of your registration will be sent to the email you used for your registration. In the future you will have the benefits that when you login, you will no longer have to re-insert your personal details for the next order.

Can I add a 2nd address or change the existing address?

For your convenience, in the address of your account, you can a define a 2nd address, ie ‘Home’ or ‘Office’for delivery to your working place or another location. To do so, login to your account by click Register and then click on My Addresses and select ‘Add an address’. You can change any details of your address anytime, by clicking on My Addresses and selecting ‘Update'.

I forgot my password?

Don’t worry at all. Just click on ‘Login’. Then below the field ‘Already registered?’, click in ‘Forgot your Password?’. In the next page type in the field the email you originally registered and click ‘Retrieve Password’. You will immediately receive to that email your new password that you can use to login to your account. You can also change this password to a new easier password of your choice by clicking on ‘My Personal Details’.

How to change email and or password?

To change email and/or password, click ‘Login’, then click on ‘My personal information’, change your email or password and click ‘Save’.

I haven’t received a reply to my question?

We respond within a few working hours at the most. If you haven’t received our reply, then please check your spam/junk folder. In case you used the Contact Form to contact us, then perhaps you mistyped your email. Please try again or call us.

If you didn't find a reply to your question?

We would appreciate to forward your question with our Contact Form. Its important for us to reply to your needs so that we improve our services.